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Training Internal Auditor

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As computer technology has advanced, organizations have become increasingly dependent on computerized information systems to carry out their operations and to process, maintain, and report essential information. As a consequence, the reliability of computerized data and of the system that process, maintain and report these data are a major concern to audit. IT Auditors to evaluate the reliability of computer generated data supporting financial statements and analysis specific programs and their outcomes. In addition, IT Auditors examine the adequacy of controls in information systems and related operations to ensure system effectiveness.

Subject Learned :

Information System Audit process

– Understanding IS Risk and Control

– Understanding CAATs

You will learn how to :

– IS Significance and Complexity

– IS Audit risk

– IS Characteristics

– IS Control Category and Definition

– Application Controls and Business Process Auditing

– Executing CAATs

Benefits :

– Understand the impact of IS to the Audit

– Understand IS risk and controls

– Understand IS general and application controls

– Overview of general IS risk and controls, and evaluation

– Understand CAATs

   * Information Technology Supervisors and Managers.
   * Auditors of department Internal Auditor.
   * Management who need to understand how to control IT process.
   * Everyone in production as well as human resources, Finance and others who expect to know how the process of IT-audit.

Outline :

1. Preliminary evaluation

– how the computer function is organized.

– use of computer hardware and software.

– application processed by the computer and their relative significance to the organization.

– methods and procedures laid down for implementation of new application or revision to existing applications.

2. Control in computer system

– General Controls

– Application Controls

3. Audit methodology

– Direct Substantive Testing

– Systems Base Audit

4. Executing CAATs

– What are CAATs

– Evaluation of the use CAATs

– General CAATs Function

– CAATs Software Consideration

Course Method
   * Presentation
   * Discussion
   * Casestudy
   * Evaluation

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