Training Information Technology Auditing And Forensic Accounting

Training Audit It

agenda training information technology auditing and forensic accounting


Computer forensics is the process of extracting information and data from digital storage media using court validated tools and technology and proven forensic best practices to establish its accuracy and reliability for the purpose of reporting on the same as evidence. (ISACA guidelines).

Introduction to the practice of forensic accounting and its relationship to auditing in settings characterized by extensive reliance on information technology. An emphasis on audit methodology as applied to accounting information systems.

This course will cover a variety of facets related to Information Technology (IT) Auditing and Forensic Accounting especially fraud audits), from simple to complex computer systems. The course will present tools, concepts, and techniques necessary to properly audit IT.

Identify the business risks in automated environments and how tomitigate them
Discover how you should respond to a suspected fraud or computer crime
Overcome procedural and legal pitfalls
Learn computer forensic techniques
Communicate and advise senior management on business and legal implications
Apply taught principles in case study, interactive exercises


Computer Forensics Defined
Application of Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics Requirements
Legal Framework impacting on Computer Forensics.
Link between Computer Forensic and IT/IS Auditing

Presentation, discussion, Case study, Evaluation, Pre test & post test

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